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About our company


The company was founded in 1990 as a sole proprietorship from today's president of the board of directors and has been renamed in 2003 in a share holder (incorporated) company.

Thanks to technical education, long lasting practical experience, consistently and conscientiously staff training and continuing education as well as a good equipped network of further specialists we are able to offer professional solutions fulfilled from one hand.

corporate philosophy is to render top services to our clients - right to their needs and todays requirements. The best is just enough - in this sense we render all of our services with professional competence, in time, serious and discreet and as well fully aware of an expense benefit structure.

Our dynamic team is anxious to provide advice to the best of our knowledge. Beside of staff training and continuing education we set a high value on a equalised life & work balance, in order to have fun with the tasks and challenges.

When may we count you to our contented clientele?

 Evelyne Suter
Director of the board
Senior Partner
Swiss Business School, Zurich
Ecole du Cercle Commercial Suisse, Paris
Eckerd College, USA
Swiss certified Trustee

 Thomas Kaiser

Swiss certified Trustee

 Chantal Moser
Clerical Assistant Escrow Services
Swiss Business School, Zurich


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